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 Cambridge Casual Furniture



The foundation of Cambridge Casual lies in our commitment to provide you with fine quality teak and hardwood patio furniture for your outside environment. We believe that choosing the right garden furniture can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, something that every home needs. We endeavor to provide collections that capture and complement the beauty of natural environments, giving you the comfort and luxury you deserve.

Our range of collections embodies the enduring beauty and strength of quality hardwood, combined with both classic and contemporary designs. Whether you’re striving to build a vibrant social area on your patio, or a relaxing and tranquil escape in your garden, we can help you find the perfect pieces of furniture to complete your vision.


Sustainability & CSR


When you purchase furniture from Cambridge Casual, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a company that promotes an ethical and sustainable approach. Responsibility in safeguarding wood plantations falls to every part of the production chain – from harvesters, manufacturers, and distributors to consumers.

At Cambridge Casual, we’re committed to creating a positive impact. We’re dedicated to creating jobs for local people, supporting those communities, and adhering to responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

We aim to be a valuable member of the community by creating jobs for locals as well as empowering our associates and stakeholders so that they can be an integral part of our development and future.

Through responsible business practices such as fair trade and comprehensive benefits for our employees, we hope to make a real difference in improving livelihoods throughout the community, for current and future generations.