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Storage space is one of those things that you never seem to have enough of. Most of us aren’t hoarders, yet many of us still seem to struggle to organize our belongings in an acceptable and attractive manner. Whether it’s bathroom storage or outdoor wooden storage, finding the right pieces to organize our lives is never easy. That’s why at Cambridge Casual, we’ve worked tirelessly to source products that look fantastic and serve as a practical solution to your storage needs. Any and all of these pieces will look stunning no matter where they’re placed, and each has been designed to maximize their efficiency in storing your belongings.

One of our most popular storage ranges is our bathroom organizers. There are several available, including bathroom shelves, shower caddies, corner shelves and more. No matter the size and design of your bathroom, you can find the ideal furniture and accessories to improve your storage options.  Take the Jasmine 3-tier Teak Bathroom Corner Shelf, for example. This piece of furniture is painstakingly crafted from the finest materials to give a robust, practical, and elegant solution to your bathroom storage. Whether you use it as a shower shelf or as general bathroom storage, it’s a product that’s bound to get attention. If you’re tight on space but still want the same impressive look, the Dussi Teak Shower Caddy will sit proudly wherever you set it, giving a unique way to arrange your toiletries and towels.

Another storage solution we offer is for outdoor patios and decking. The garden is an area that many people save until last to organize. However, that doesn’t mean it requires any less attention than the rest of your house. With pieces such as teak deck storage boxes, poolside storage boxes, and patio wooden storage benches, you can create a place of tranquility that’s beautiful and functional. For example, take the Richmond Teak Deck Box. It’s available in 60- and 48-inch variants, giving you the flexibility to choose one that meets your need. Its beach chic design and spacious storage capacity makes it a versatile piece that can be used in almost any area.

Every product you buy from Cambridge Casual, including our indoor and outdoor storage options, is manufactured to the highest standards. We use only the finest teak, working hard to ensure that there are no natural defects in the wood. Our customers rely on us to provide them with high-quality furniture that’s robust, functional, and stylish. A perfect example of all of these features is the Richmond Teak Planter Bench, which seamlessly blends practicality and beauty.

Browse our complete collection of storage options today. You’re sure to find furniture that matches your design ambitions. We’ve worked hard to curate a selection of products that can fit seamlessly together no matter what aesthetic you’re aiming for. Of course, each one is also incredibly practical, giving you the freedom to organize your home or garden however you want.