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WFH or WFO ? Why not Work from your Patio ?

WFH or WFO ? <span style="color:#B2A493">Why not Work from your Patio ?</span>
Do you realize we've had three springs since the pandemic? It's strange, I know, but one of the benefits of the pandemic is that more people than ...

Why Teak Patio Furniture

Why Teak Patio Furniture
If you are about to purchase new outdoor furniture, check out teak patio furniture. Without a doubt, teak wood is one of the most popular types of...

Teak Rockers

<span style="color:#B2A493">Teak Rockers</span>
Looking for the perfect Teak rocker? We have exactly what you have been searching for. Our collection of porch rocking chairs offers a wide variety...

8 Tips To Spice Up Your Small Space

8 Tips <span style="color:#B2A493">To Spice Up Your Small Space </span>
Having a small porch or balcony can be discouraging when it is time to decorate, but it shouldn't be! You don't need a lot of space to create a gor...

Auburn Teak Convertible Sofa Daybed

Auburn Teak Convertible&nbsp;<span class="quentin-font" style="color:#B2A493">Sofa Daybed</span>
Transform your outdoor space from bland to beautiful with our new Auburn Teak Convertible Sofa Daybed! It provides you with the same luxurious com...

About The Cambridge Casual E-Store

About The <span style="color:#B2A493">Cambridge Casual</span> E-Store
Here at Cambridge Casual, we value providing high quality patio furniture to our customers. We pride ourselves on using sustainable resources and ...

Spring Into The New Normal

Spring Into The New Normal
As the pandemic slowly moves into an endemic, it's time to start getting used to our new normal. Most areas have lifted restrictions, but that does...


<span class="goldoni-font">TYPES OF PATIO FURNITURE EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE</span>
Have you ever been to a house with a beautiful garden and with even more beautiful outdoor furniture that complements the garden?If you answered ye...

Why Teak Patio Furniture Is A Timeless Treasure?

<span class="goldoni-font">Why Teak Patio Furniture Is A Timeless Treasure?</span>
Teak is known as the king of woods, and it’s earned that title due to the fact that it’s the most durable wood available on the market. Furniture m...

An Insider’s Guide To Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Backyard

An <span class="quentin-font">Insider’s Guide</span> To <span class="goldoni-font">Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Backyard</span>
Home is a place which reflects our lifestyle. When we enter somebody’s house, the vibe of their home instantly tellsyou about their personality, an...


Welcome to the Cambridge Casual blog. We’ve created this space to share our love of all things furniture with our customers, potential customers, and fellow enthusiasts. We’re passionate about teak furniture and other hardwood furniture, whether it’s for indoors or outside use. It’s our hope that we can transfer this passion to our readers, inspiring them to take on the next design challenge and complete their dream room or patio. Whether you’re looking for a wooden patio set or bathroom organizers and storage, you’ll find plenty of great ideas and advice right here.

Of course, our specialty is outdoor teak furniture, so you’ll find many posts that focus around this topic. We’ll often take a look at the latest trends, new designs, and provide guides on finding the right ensemble for your needs. Whether it’s examining the benefits of teak patio furniture or looking at essential bathroom accessories, in these posts, you’ll find that we try to be informative, impartial, and inspirational at all times. It’s not a space where we’ll endlessly sell you products (although we do often mention our favorites!), instead, it’s somewhere to share thoughts and ideas about all kinds of furniture.

We’ll often take a look at some of the latest thoughts and ideas in the industry. This can be things like why poolside teak furniture is a must-have or how you can enhance a small patio space with a char or bistro set. It’s our aim to give you the motivation and ideas to work on your own project, whether it’s redesigning your bathroom, upgrading your patio, or finding your ideal piece of teak or hardwood furniture. To do so, we strive for a friendly and honest tone of voice. We know our readers, like our customers, are discerning and hate jargon. That’s why we’ve adopted a straightforward approach to our furniture blog.

You may be looking for ideas for patio seating, in need of a bathroom accessories, or want to know what to look for when it comes to poolside storage boxes and teak daybeds. Whatever the topic, we’re eager to help share our knowledge. After all, we like to think we’re experts when it comes to quality teak and hardwood furniture of all kinds.

So, we encourage you to scroll through the pages and posts on our site if you’re looking for advice, ideas, or something to pass the time. We’re always keen to share our thoughts, opinions, and inspiration when it comes to interior and garden design. Let us know what you think!