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Patio Table

Patio Table

For many, the garden and patio areas of their homes are undervalued. They’re seen as an endless chore that’s pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. However, in reality, they can be the focal point of the home, where people come to congregate at all times of the day and year. At the center of any good patio or garden furniture arrangement is a patio table. It can be such a versatile piece of furniture, effective at bringing people together.

During the warmer months of the year, such as in spring and summer, a patio table and chairs arrangement has many uses. With our teak and hardwood patio dining tables, you have the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor dining experience. Gather round friends and family to enjoy a classy and relaxing entertainment space. Whether you’re barbequing for a party or hosting an intimate gathering, a solid teak outdoor table provides the perfect setting. It’s not just fair-weather furniture though. Imagine being huddled around a roaring fire pit during the colder months and still being able to offer up a hearty feast from a sturdy table. When you choose a wood patio table from Cambridge Casual, both scenarios are possible.

It’s not just dining tables we offer either. Along with our solid wood outdoor dining tables, we also provide things like patio coffee tables, outdoor side tables, teak end tables, hardwood console tables, and folding patio accent tables. As you can see, our range is extensive, giving you the opportunity to create an aesthetic that matches your needs and tastes. You can also rest assured that each piece on our website is crafted to the highest standards, guaranteeing that the furniture you buy will be robust, elegant, and versatile.    

Across our range of patio tables and other outdoor tables, you’ll find an array of designs available. No matter what your vision is for your outdoor seating area, we’ve got you covered. For example, the Renley Round Dining Table is the ideal centerpiece for intimate gatherings. Its classic design and modern finish make it a truly versatile piece of furniture. Those looking for a smaller and more understated piece will love the Abbington Teak Console Table, which provides both form and function wherever it’s placed. And, if you’re seeking more of a bold statement piece, the Moni Side Table & Stool in orange is quite the attention-grabber. Let your imagination run wild as you browse through our collection.

Many of our customers love to utilize our teak console tables in their patio or poolside designs. These pieces are incredibly versatile, looking fantastic as luxury pool items, while also serving as a practical storage solution. A solid wood outdoor console table should be a staple in everyone’s outdoor space – multifunctional design means you can use them as patio décor or as outdoor entertainment pieces.

Of course, if you’ve already picked out the perfect dining table, you’ll likely need to complement it with some other options. Whether it’s one of our hardwood patio coffee tables, a solid teak outdoor side table, or patio end table, you can create a visually stunning and highly functional space in no time at all. For the finishing touches, a teak console table or a solid wood patio accent table (or both!) can complete the vision you’ve been dreaming of. Shop the entire range now and find the perfect piece of furniture for your design.