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At Cambridge Casual, you’ll find all kinds of gorgeous teak furniture collections, from exquisite garden furniture and patio sets to elegant bathroom furniture. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring together some of the most beautiful pieces to create an array of choices for different tastes and scenarios.

We source only the finest pieces, including hardwood outdoor furniture, wooden storage boxes, bathroom accessories, teak patio furniture, and more. Each piece of furniture and each collection represents a delicately thought out artistic choice, giving our customers plenty of options. Of course, it’s not just about design and aesthetic; all of our furniture is lovingly crafted to the highest standard, providing both form and function.

Those looking for the perfect wooden garden furniture or outdoor patio set will find a vast choice of collections across many different styles. No matter what type of ambience you’re trying to achieve, we have the products and collections to match your needs and wants. Whether it’s a modern and stylish space that’s functional as well as chic or a classic comfort where you can relax and unwind, you can find it here. Along with teak patio seating, you’ll also find other hardwood outdoor furniture and porch furniture in these collections. We aim to provide every piece you need to create your own peaceful setting.

Within our patio furniture sets, you’ll find a range of vibrant, classy, and distinct products. Along with staples such as patio dining tables and chairs, we also stock items like teak outdoor lounge chairs, rocking chairs, loveseats, gliders, swings, and chaise lounges. Whether you pick and choose items of various styles, or select only from one of our premade collections, you’re guaranteed the same fantastic quality and service. 

Cambridge Casual also specializes in the highest quality bathroom storage and accessories. You’ll find elegantly crafted teak products, including bath caddies, bathroom organizers, shower shelves, bathmats and more. Again, each of these is carefully picked to create a specific aesthetic, while maintaining the versatility and functionality you need in a bathroom space. As with our hardwood patio furniture, our bathroom furniture is robust, durable, and of the highest quality.

The collections you’ll find here, as well as the individual pieces that make them, have been carefully curated to match your every need. We use only the finest materials in our production, ensuring that each piece is up to the very highest standards. Our craftsmen select the timber that is free of natural defects, ensuring that only the most durable materials reach our customers. Each piece is then delicately finished. Some products use their natural teak finish, while others are hand-rubbed to create a distinct weathered look, before the color and protective layer of finish is added. This way, we can ensure that each product is unique to its grain character.

Our customers always come first, which is why we make sure that each wooden patio set, every bathroom organizer and storage piece, and every item we sell reaches the stringent quality standards we’ve set. We also take an ethical and sustainable approach to our products. We make sure that we create jobs for local people, support those communities, and adhere to responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.