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Why Teak is the Best Material for Patio Furniture

Wood Patio Sofa with Sunbrella Vellum Cushion

When entering the world of outdoor furniture, teak wood is in a league of its own and has withstood the test of time for both its handsome texture and unparalleled durability.

From luxury yachts to log cabins, teak is a popular choice of material for products with high levels of elemental or water exposure today – and for good reason too! This tropical hardwood has a lifespan of upwards of 75 years and is highly resistant to outdoor environments. While it requires minimal maintenance, teak is the strongest, most durable, and most long-lasting of hardwoods; ideal for outdoor furniture that will last for years. Enriched with naturally occurring teak oil, furniture crafted from teak will weather well in any outdoor environment – ageing, but never tarnishing, into a beautiful silver-grey patina with time. Read along to discover why, and how teak has developed its claim to fame in the furnishing world.

The Durability of Teak 

All woods have natural oils and rubbers: teak wood’s ability to retain this long after being felled is what sets it apart. Due to its close grain, rich mineral-and-natural-oil content, density and robust strength, teak is practically immune to rotting and harsh weather, endowed with the highest level of decay resistance among all natural wood products. In spite of its porosity, teak oil also protects the wood against rotting, warping, and/or splitting brought on by moisture. This means that even after it has been cut down, teak is able to keep the natural resistances that many trees have when they are alive. This indicates that teak is still resistant to dry rot, a common issue with older wooden furniture. Additionally, teak is protected from parasites and fungi by the oils that it retains. The majority of other woods need waterproofing oils and other treatments to protect themselves from these dangers, whereas teak is naturally protected from these dangers.

The most popular option among hardwoods used for wooden furniture, teak is also natural insulator; keeping you warm in the long winter, and maintaining its cool in the summer months. From poolside or in the frost, Cambridge Casual’s vast teak collection is curated to guarantee that everyone finds the perfect piece for them.

The Low Maintenence Needs of Teak Outdoor Furniture + The Weather-Resistant Qualities of Teak: Perfect for Any Climate

Wood Patio Sofa with Sunbrella Vellum Cushion

If, at this point, you’re still wondering "Why teak wood furniture?" – an important feature is that, despite all its charm, teak requires minimal attention. One of the most significant advantages is that teak repels termite infestations and other insects that can harm woodwork. Teak wood's abundance of natural oils also protects against moisture damage and resists rot and decay. The resulting product is a piece that will last you comfortably through seasons to come. 

Teak has a long lifespan, is resistant to rot, insects, and water, has minor shrinkage, doesn't rust with steel, is resilient to stains, and is easy to clean. Despite this, dirt, bird droppings, and mold are inevitable dangers your lounge chair will have to face. To protect your precious teak chair, you can establish a systematic cleaning schedule for your outdoor pieces of furniture. 

Generally, it is advised against to power wash teak furniture. This is because the high-pressure stream could irreversibly harm your furniture and strip it of its protective oils. In most circumstances, simply wiping teak furniture clean with a lint-free cloth is enough to remove any dirt or dust that has collected on the surface. Keeping your teak wood furniture pieces, such as loveseats or porch swing out in the open is no cause for concern. Left out in the open and exposed to natural weather conditions, teak wood gradually takes on a silvery-grey appearance. Whilst the weathered-grey patina is a favourite among many,  simply polishing it with teak sealer or teak oil upon purchase will preserve its original appearance.

The Natural Beauty of Teak: Adding Warmth and Style to Your Outdoor Space

Teak Wood Outdoor Bench

Teak is regarded as one of the most beautiful hardwoods due to its narrow and predominantly straight grain pattern with various textures.  Teak wood originates with gorgeous honey or golden brown tint. The teak wears down to a luxurious silver-grey tone over time. Even after many years of exposure to the elements, it never appears spotty or black. There is no need to be concerned if you have noticed that your teak outdoor furniture is starting to transition from its honey, golden brown to a silvery grey. The strength and longevity of your furniture are unaffected by this change in colour, which is purely aesthetic. Moreover, this naturally occurring phenomenon is usually a good indicator of good quality teak, considering lower-grade pieces are commonly chemically treated to conceal poor quality.

The other alternatives of wood that are comparable to teak in its resilient properties are readily accessible in the marketplace. However, because teak furniture has an attractive texture and exquisite grain pattern, most homeowners favour this particular hardwood. Aesthetics are incredibly important to a house and its ambience. As brought up time and time again, teak furniture wood's striking golden brown colouring brings a kind of radiance you only find in teak, and as it matures into its silvery grey, its presence shifts to opulence and elegance.

Sustainably harvested, ethically sourced

On the surface, teak wood appears to be costly. However, it is more important to consider the quality of the teak than the dollar amount you will pay. A high grade of teak is nigh indestructible, capable of withstanding all weather conditions, and remains stunning and strong for years - even generations. It is a one-time investment that could last a lifetime, and may very well be an heirloom piece. 

In demand, but of tight marketplace supply - Teak is arguably one of the most sought after hardwoods, prized for its durability and beauty. In Cambridge Casual, the significance of sustainably preserving this wood’s dwindling supply is of utmost importance; from our nesting tables to deep-seating Adirondacks, all our teak product is crafted from sustainably-sourced and harvested, plantation-grown Indonesian teak. When you purchase any piece from our collection of teak furniture, you're also helping us fulfill our commitment to sustainable furnishing and ethical forestry, while getting a top-quality product to endure a lifetime of use.

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