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Why Teak Patio Furniture

Mosko Teak Wood Outdoor Dining Chair with Beige Cushion

If you are about to purchase new outdoor furniture, check out teak patio furniture. Without a doubt, teak wood is one of the most popular types of wood on the market, and here’s why. 

Teak Wood is Self-Regulating

Teak wood must be durable to stand up to the effects of extreme weather conditions such as hail and snow. It should also be able to regulate hot and cold temperatures. Because the wood is self-regulating, it doesn’t have the same issues as metal frames like rust and corrosion. Teak wood has a high oil content even when exposed to the sun and freezing temperatures.

Weather Resistant

Teak wood is known to be positively resistant. It can withstand high winds, heavy rains, snow, sleet, and UV rays. This wood is distinct because it naturally contains oil that repels water, preventing it from becoming brittle, cracking, or warping. You’ll find the Logan Collection at many 5-star destinations. The ensemble offers all the comforts of outdoor living, including a sturdy rocking chair (with bottle holder), side tables, and oversized lounge chairs.

Teak Wood Doesn’t Require Much Maintenance


You don’t have to apply any specific treatments to teak wood. Teak wood is a durable wood type for outdoor furniture, and it will last for decades. Teak wood only appears to show signs of aging. It takes on a weathered gray look, but that’s the beauty of this collection.

To clean the wood, wash it down with wood soap and a soft nylon brush. There are teak products that will remove most stains, dirt, and moss. You don’t have to paint teak wood, but it’s wise to invest in a sealer and finisher to help maintain your patio furniture. The sealer will enhance its natural luster.

Weathered Gray Finish

Everyone loves natural beauty, and teak is among the top timbers known for its charm and quality. It ages well, and though it has varying textures, the durable nature of the wood satisfies the eyes and the budget. The Zuma Collection is a true testament to timeless design and aesthetics.

This collection spices any patio or front porch up with its bohemian style. Relax on one of the lounge chairs or sofas. Rest the picture of lemonade on the side or coffee table. There’s no limit to what you can do. You can add more chairs, throw pillows, and cushions. Make your patio or outdoor furniture pop this spring with a teak wood collection.

Teak Wood is Versatile

Teak wood is easy to work with. Because of this versatility, there may be several patio furniture ideas to entertain. You may like to purchase something for storage, perhaps a lounge chair, bench, table, or a deep seating chair. You also have a choice to stain the wood, paint, or apply varnish.

Resistance to Termites

Termites eat away at wood, and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your favorite outdoor pieces fall apart because they are rotting before your eyes. This can leave the owner devastated. Teak is an exquisite wood grain that not only stands up to harsh temperatures but also defies termites, rotting, and damage from acids. With this in mind, you can’t go wrong with teak wood.

Affordable Patio Furniture

Not all teak is the same. There are varying kinds of woods. Teak wood has a high concentration and level of oils, which is why it’s so resistant to the environment. Teak wood is long-lasting, and for its given value, it’s more than affordable wood.




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