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3 piece wooden teak patio furniture set

Have you ever been to a house with a beautiful garden and with even more beautiful outdoor furniture that complements the garden?

If you answered yes, then we are pretty sure that you would want the same feel for your own backyard.

Planning to transform your verandah into a beautiful seating area but worried about the investment?

Don't be!

All you need is to water the grass and lay out your wooden patio furniture sets.

Yes, you heard it right!

Wooden Patio Furniture Sets are quite trending these days when it comes to home decor.

Today, we have put together the perfect guide to help you choose one of these beautiful and functional sets for your garden.

Let's begin!

The most important aspect is that you should invest in quality patio furniture.

The outdoor area of our home is different from indoors. Not just in terms of looks, but also the atmosphere. Your furniture has to face the wrath of the wind, rain and storms, which can degrade its structural integrity over time. This is why you must invest in quality patio furniture made of sturdy material that doesn't get damaged or distorted easily. It would make no sense to go shopping for new patio furniture sets every year, right? Thus, you will need something of substance.

Other than quality, take note of the following things when out shopping for your patio furniture:

* The Size

You must consider the space you have while purchasing patio furniture. Huge chairs

Wooden Patio Furniture Sets

in a small area will make the place look even smaller leaving no room to walk around. Similarly, tiny chairs in a big space will make the place look empty, and you will have to invest more on other decor items which we're sure you want to avoid.

* The Material

Just like we mentioned the importance of quality above, it is equally important to check the material of the furniture. Purchasing furniture of subpar quality material and design would be wasting your money as you are most likely to discard the furniture in the near future. You must look for something durable with color that won't fade or can withhold the changing weather conditions.

* The Comfort

It is quite easy to get lured by beautiful designs and vibrant colors. However, nothing can beat comfort. The furniture should support relaxation with your friends and family. Isn't that the whole purpose of setting up a garden and decorating it with the best furniture? To check if it would be comfortable or not, you can take a look at its material and try it out for yourself in stores. If you are shopping online, make sure to check the fabric and filler material.

Now, let us move on to the types of patio furniture you can get for your home:

Love Seat

Sitting together with your partner and enjoying the lovely weather outside sounds exciting, eh? This is why you must invest in a love seat or patio sofa.


What do we do for extra comfort? We put down our work and put up our feet on a footrest. Thus, you need an ottoman for your outdoor space.


Statement-making furniture never goes out of fashion. Placing a beautiful bench or swing in the corner of your home garden will surely win you many brownie points from friends and family.

Day Bed

Sleeping under the warmth of the sun or under the stars is so underrated, but now, you can experience it by bringing a daybed to your backyard. Lie down and relax!

Lounge Chair

If laying down is not your style, you can purchase a lounge chair. Bring your newspaper or magazines outside and read them in a calm environment.

Rocking Chair

We all remember our grandfather's old rocking chair. We loved it, and silently wished we could have one for ourselves. Don't worry as Cambridge Casual has brought you modern designs for rocking chairs.

Dining Chairs & Table

Have your Sunday brunch out in the sun on the dining set. It’s a great idea for a perfect Sunday afternoon with your family.

Coffee Table

Having a coffee while watching your kids play is a picturesque scene for any household is deal. Get some cane chairs and set it up around the coffee table from the patio table range for a perfect outdoor experience.

Now that you know how and what to shop for when looking for patio furniture, get your hands on your favorite sets at Cambridge Casual. You will find a wide selection of premium quality and crafted designs for tables, chairs, beds and more at a reasonable price. We can assure you that you will find a perfect fit for your home here!

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