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Spring Into The New Normal

Teak Wood 7 Piece outdoor Patio Conversation Set

As the pandemic slowly moves into an endemic, it's time to start getting used to our new normal. Most areas have lifted restrictions, but that doesn't mean that people living with restrictions are out of luck when it comes to Spring fun. Learn about the benefits of being outside and consider creating an outdoor living space today.

Benefits Of Being Outside In The Sun

We all know that we should resist the urge to sit in front of a screen and enjoy the outdoors, but it turns out that there are quite a few benefits to being outside, even if you're just sitting on your patio furniture in your backyard!

Boost Your Mood

Being outside can have a drastic impact on your mood. Simply being outside in nature can help you reduce your levels of stress, improve your attention span and make you smile more! You'll also enjoy feeling more empathetic and cooperative.

Does Being Outside Boost the Immune System? 

Yes, being outside can give your immune system a huge boost. Breathing in the fresh air helps increase the amount of oxygen you breathe in, which is necessary for your immune system to do its job. As it reduces stress, it also helps your immune system. Too much stress can make you ill as it takes a toll on your body.

Benefits Of Sunlight

Sunlight can also help give your immune system a huge boost. Your body, including your immune system, can drastically benefit from the vitamin D that we naturally get from sunlight. Simply relaxing on your outdoor furniture can help you boost your immune system, improve bone health and help keep your heart healthy!

How To Spend More Time Outside

outdoor Teak Wood Patio Conversation Set

After being cooped up for so long, it's time to finally start getting back in touch with nature! Going hiking and taking the kids to the park are both great ideas. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. 

You'll instantly enjoy a boost in both your mood and your health. Exercising gives your body a boost of dopamine, one of the feel-good chemicals that we need to combat stress. Sunlight provides your body with plenty of Vitamin D, too! You'll enjoy both looking and feeling better!

Create An Outdoor Living Space

If you're still working through Covid restrictions or are at high risk, which makes it unsafe to be around a lot of people, that doesn't mean that you need to stay in the house. Instead, it's time to transform your front and backyard into a peaceful haven. 

New Teak patio furniture is a great place to start. Invest in an outdoor rocker to enjoy the soothing motion of rocking while you soak up a few rays. Get a new patio set to create an outdoor patio around a fire pit for a small family get together. Outdoor patio furniture is the perfect way to set the mood in your backyard!

Creating an outdoor living space is the perfect way to spice up your Spring! Invest in outdoor, weather-resistant furniture, such as tables and chairs, to create a makeshift living room outside. A patio daybed is a great idea!

Spring Goals

It's important to make goals for the upcoming Spring. Consider goals that you would like to achieve this Spring to keep yourself occupied. Sitting in the house with no goals can breed depression!

Spending more quality time with the family is a great goal to have. You can create a backyard that the entire family will enjoy! Consider video chatting more often with long distance relatives. When you're off work, close your laptop and put your phone down. Play a few board games in your outdoor living space!

A New Normal

As we reach our third year of covid, we continue to get used to a new normal. If you have yet to get out of the house, it's time to start slowly working towards adjusting to our new normal. 

If you suddenly jump back into life, it can cause a significant amount of anxiety. Instead, slowly work towards getting out of the house more. 

Start by hanging out in your backyard. Spend time with close friends and family during a small cookout. These small acts will help lessen your anxiety as we work through the pandemic. 

Our extensive collection of high quality patio furniture is the perfect way to spring into Spring this year! Bro

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