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Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces: Expert Tips for Furniture Layout

Rochester Teak Wood Round Outdoor Dining Table

Some people find decorating intimidating, and the thought of rearranging patio furniture freaks them out. But don’t worry. We have some amazing small outdoor area ideas perfect for tiny decks or backyards. Because your area is small, it would be to your benefit to arrange your outdoor furniture so that it is well-organized and free of clutter. It should also reflect your lifestyle.

Start by deciding if the main theme for your space will be a haven for reading, gatherings, dining, or resting. The furniture arrangement should reflect how you use the space the most. For example, if you don’t expect a crowd of people, you won’t need a lot of seating. You can fill the room with decorative pieces such as tall plants.

Although space is limited, your ideas don’t have to be. You can still create a room that’s inviting, charming, and exciting all at the same time. We will share our furniture arrangement ideas with you.

Abbington Teak Wood 3 Piece Outdoor Picnic Dining Set

Make the most of your patio furniture small deck

Some of the before and after shots of DIY home makeovers are incredible. These videos teach us that we don’t have to be professionals to enhance our homes, front porches, and backyards. The transformations leave lasting impressions on our visitors. The changes or additions can be as simple as adding a teak dining table.

Focus on the boundaries

    When making over a small deck, you must keep furniture and decorations around the room’s perimeter. Bulky furniture in the center of the room can crowd the room. Too much furniture can be overwhelming and exacerbate feelings of claustrophobia. Not only that, but it can be uncomfortable for leggy guests and difficult for other guests to move around.

    To avoid discomfort, place your furniture along the edge of your deck. This placement will allow you and your visitors to have more room to move around. It will also create the illusion of a much larger space.

    Sofa with chair

    While you won’t sacrifice style or comfort with a compact furniture set, give the space that extra oomph with an outdoor rug. Of the funkier details, a rug on the patio will add texture and more color to the setting for a spacious appearance. Note that a sofa and chair pair easily with a side table just waiting for a companion.

    Richmond Teak Wood 24-inch Outdoor Side Table with Shelf

    Make it cozy with an outdoor round table

      The furniture arrangement makes a tremendous impact on the feel of the home. The deck or backyard is an extension of the inside of the home, which is why it’s so important that it displays your style and character. Having the right furniture completes the look and feel of your deck, especially when it’s small.

      Outdoor round dining table by the fireplace or pit

        Having an outdoor tabletop fire pit or fireplace is ideal during the spring and fall months when the weather is constantly changing. The tabletop fireplace can be strategically placed near or on the dining table to bring everyone closer together and ensure that no one is late for dinner.

        The small fireplace makes for a distinctive dining experience. If you have a small patio, a dining set with bench will provide you with ample seating for hosting family and friends or a romantic evening. You can simply slide the bench under the table when it's not needed to preserve space.

        Garnish the walls

          Mosko Teak Wood 3 Piece Outdoor Bar Dining Set

          Another great way to sweeten the appeal of your small outdoor furniture layout is to hang ornaments on the walls. These decorations can bring out features even in that odd outdoor dining chair that you’re not sure where to place.

          Going vertical with umbrellas and tall plants or trees will help make the tiny space seem larger than it is. Make your outdoor room look cozy with a tall furniture set like a bistro table. Choose smaller pieces that provide you with more decorating options. Round tables are a great alternative because they create more space when space is limited.

          While the arrangement is crucial, so are style, durability, and fabric. You would be wise to measure the patio before bringing in new furniture. Your backyard patio or deck will be the foundation for many memories. Be sure to fill it with branches that make your house a home.

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