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How to Choose the Perfect Console Table with Storage for Your Outdoor Space

Abbington Teak Wood Outdoor Console Table

Patio Console tables come in many lovely designs, shades, and sizes. When picking out a console table for your outdoor space, you must find one that fits your style and design. Still, there are many other factors you should consider. I’m going to go over what those are in this article. You can use a console table in numerous ways with the right placement, even for your outdoor area. It can be a contemporary accent for any space. Read on for more suggestions!

Console tables are typically long, narrow tables that people use for storing appliances, plants, or books. The first step to choosing a console table is figuring out what size (height and length) you need and where you’ll use it. This measurement depends on how broad the space is. You can put the console table behind an outdoor sofa, but make sure it’s not taller than the couch. You will also want to check the length. It should be the same length as or shorter than the sofa. Doing this correctly is all about proportions. Your console table shouldn't be any lower than two-thirds the size of the sofa.

Caterina Weathered Teak Wood Outdoor Console Table

Functional patio 

console tables work well because they provide organization. You will frequently find console tables coupled with matching side tables. Many console tables double as bookshelves or as a special place to show off priceless mementos. It is easy to use the console table as a wet bar when entertaining. Since console tables are versatile pieces of furniture, you can place them nearly anywhere inside or outside your home. If you are browsing for a console table for your backyard or patio, consider one with drawers or shelves.

The console table benefits from having the support of other items in the room to style with. But because of the size and shape of most console tables, it’s common to place them near a wall.

On average, a console table measures between 24-48 in length, 26-36 inches in height, and 12-15 inches in depth. Based on these measurements, this allows for plenty of space to walk around the room. You should check the height of the bottom shelf and figure out how much weight it can bear. This is so you will know that everything will fit securely on the lower shelf.

After determining the perfect size, you need to pick the material and color that will complement your area. Start with a few examples and then break it down by style and kind of material.

Carlota Mahogany Wood Dark Gray Outdoor Console Table

Often, construction materials and fabric make your space feel more put-together and stylish. You can use different materials, and they will add depth and texture to your outdoor area. For example, the base of your console table can have natural accents, while your fabrics can have brilliant hues.

Something odd but creative, such as a colorful vase or decorative item, will add pops of color to your console table. On the other hand, bring stability to the shelf by stacking a few books to create a polished look. Not only will you bring pop and color, but you will also add depth.

The first thing you should do is determine your reasons for wanting a console table. Once you figure that out, you’ll know what style you should buy. Define the purpose, and you can better find the one that suits your personality and home. Do you need to display a range of decor, books, or plants? Having a shelf or drawer is a great way to store treasures or items you need handy.

Because of their narrow surfaces, console tables can function as stylish vanities, unique bedside tables, TV stands, media consoles or as outdoor entertainment tables. The way they are made makes them perfect for many rooms in the home, and surprisingly can be a multi functions while being placed at your outdoor space. If you find one with shelving, you've hit the jackpot. You can place an array of items on the shelf to make a room more organized and neat. There are a ton of hacks ideal for the spacious console table.

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