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Bring Back the Shine: Expert Guide on How to Clean Teak Furniture

richmond teak wood 24 inch outdoor side table with shelf

Teak furniture is very popular, especially for terraces and other outdoor living areas. The patio may greatly benefit from the visual appeal of nature’s backdrop.

Some people do not do anything to their teak wood. Others are unsure of what they must do to maintain teak furniture to keep it free of mildew or discoloration.

You may use your patio or deck as an outdoor dining room, and because of this, someone may stain your fabric cushions occasionally. This describes typical wear and tear, but oily foods will leave evidence of a spill on your teak furniture if you do not treat the stain. Cat litter is highly effective for removing grease and oil.

Use a teak protector

The colour of golden brown is appealing, and if you want to maintain its colour, you should invest in a teak protector or teak oil. It creates a layer of protection from the sun. This coating prevents unsightly mildew from growing on the furniture and stops oxidation, which turns the teak wood into silver patina grey.

Clean outdoor teak furniture

You can use a sponge or cloth to clean the furniture. Clean using soapy water or a teak cleaner. Let it dry completely before applying the initial coat of the protector on it. Wait about an hour before putting on the second thin layer. Make sure five hours have passed before using the furniture. Suggested to repeat in 6 months. 

How often do you clean teak furniture?

Many people appreciate how simple it is to care for teak wood. The fact that teak will develop a patina is a bonus for those who love the colour. Others fall in love with the original golden brown colour, so they happily seal and protect it.

Unless you have a spill, you do not need to clean teak outdoor furniture more than twice a year. Decide if you like the original golden brown colour and want to maintain it or if you rather have the grey patina it gets from being out in the sun. The decision will influence how you take care of your outdoor furniture.

How to clean teak wood with a patina

Use a soft-bristle brush to apply a mixture of water and soft mild detergent. To remove any remaining soap suds or grit from your teak furniture, rinse it thoroughly. If you want the table or chair to get a grey patina, this is probably the only upkeep you need to do.

Teak cleaning mistakes to avoid

Although cleaning teak is fairly simple, there are a few mistakes everyone should avoid:

  • Steel wool

You can scratch the finish with abrasive materials. Gently remove the stained layers by using mild or fine-grade sandpaper.

  • Pressure washing

No matter how tempted you are to clean outdoor furniture with a pressure washer, do not. High-pressure streams of water can cause teak wood furniture to become ragged and hardened.

It is best to sand the surfaces down to a smooth finish to restore your outdoor furniture.

We recommend that you clean your furniture on a sunny and breezy afternoon. The cool air will help the wood to dry fast. You can use white vinegar instead of bleach, if you prefer, to wash away grime. Don’t forget to sand in the direction of the grain, not in the opposite direction. The discoloration will eventually even out to look like the rest of the wood.

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