Patio Seating

Nothing spruces up a patio more than the choice of furnishings. Looking to make your outdoor patio seating dapper and more comfortable? Cambridge Casual has you covered.

Cambridge Casual’s has a wide selection of teak and wooden patio chairs and sofas that will leave you breathless. Are you in the market for a teak outdoor sofa paired with a set of teak patio chairs? Well, we’ve got you covered there. How about wooden outdoor chairs instead? Or maybe teak outdoor chairs is more your style. Regardless, we have what you want.

We make it easy to do business with us. Simply check out our competitive prices on our consumer-friendly website. Make your selection, and check out. It’s that easy.

Rock with Cambridge Casual

No, Cambridge Casual is not the name of a band, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to rock. In fact, we’re the rock experts.

Check out our vast selection of porch rocking chairs. From traditional design to contemporary representations, we have the perfect fit for anyone’s décor.


Picture yourself, sitting in a teak rocking chair from Cambridge Casual, gently rocking back and forth. Maybe you’ve got a drink in your hand. Maybe you’re listening to your favorite music. Now if that isn’t a picture of relaxation, I don’t know what is.


Your road to rocking chair paradise starts here. Navigate our site with ease, make your selections and check out. Plus, our prices rock as much as our chairs.